A collection a day

I don't know if any of you have been following Lisa Congdon's A Collection a Day blog, but it is FASCINATING.  I love collections, but cannot imagine where I would keep any, let alone 365 of them.  Lisa's are so varied and creative (of course, she is an artist...) and the way she has photographed them is quite stunning.  She also includes "imagined" collections that she draws or paints, and they are equally interesting.  Here are a few of my favourites, either by subject or just the arrangement of them.  You should sign up for her feeds!  And Chris - aren't you happy you married THIS Lisa?  :)


  1. Saw this blog YESTERDAY and thought of you. Of course, you were steps ahead, but we have some of the same faves--the urchins, buoys and stones. (Buoys made me think of Kendra...) Her imagined collections are pretty awesome, too.

    You find the best stuff, Lisa.

  2. Thanks Blake! Right back atcha... :) I love the stuff you post on facebook!


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