Hello??? Spring??

spring has sprung!
I know the end of February is early yet for Spring, but today felt like such a TEASE.  It was rainy and warm (ish) when we left this morning and I pulled out my happy yellow wellies to wear to work.  (I noticed when I ventured out for coffee that I was not alone - and there are a lot of fun rain boots on the market these days!)  I just about went flying more than once on my way home, however, as everything froze and the temperature dropped once more.  Highs of -9 tomorrow.  I am DONE with winter!!  So I went on Flickr to drown my sorrows in a sea of happy spring images.
Spring just makes my heart happy
Spring Has Come '09
And there it is....
more tulips
Spring Flowers
Click for the sources and photographers.  Can you guess which are mine?

Jeff Jones Lighting

Now these stick chandeliers, designed by Jeff Jones, look so simple, but make such an impact!  The sticks are old (sorry, vintage) tobacco sticks that were used to hang dry tobacco.  The cord are wrapped in brightly-colour fabric and treaded through the wood, with a simple light bulb at the end.  They are incredibly striking!
Here they are in place in a restaurant called Hudson in Oakland California.  It takes a pretty traditional-looking restaurant and definitely spices it up.  Most of the lights in the restaurant seem to be done by the same designer, and the effect is pretty cool.  He also makes some pretty neat lights out of organ pipes, but I couldn't find a good picture of them!  If I can dig one up I will have to share.

Thanks to Remodelista (where else?) for the awesome find.

The Getty Centre

We went to the Getty Centre yesterday on a rather cold and rainy day.  It was actually lovely for the light and the lack of people!  I took a boat load of photos, as the architecture and all that gorgeous travertine were at least as interesting as the collection it held inside.

From Above

Flying out to California from Minnesota we got some incredible views of Colorado, and I couldn't resist pulling out the iPhone for a few snaps.  
Doesn't this one look like a board game?  Connect 4 maybe?

I love my family

I am off tomorrow morning for beautiful, warm, and sunny (um, except apparently the week I am there) California.  I just put my two little guys to bed and am off to have a yummy dinner with the hubs before I start packing.  This print kinda says it all, how appropriate that the artist beauchamping is from Venice California!

Kate Spade Iphone cases

This is one of those things that i reeeeeally don't need but would reeeeeeally love to get.  Kate Spade's iPhone cases are adorable, and I love that they aren't covered with branding.  I think I would go with the navy polka-dotted one, or the red at the end, or the yellow...what about you?  Think you would get sick of the cheerfulness?

Rees Roberts + Partners

Holy Sh-moly!!! Their name may sound like a law firm, but Rees Roberts + Partners sure create some jaw-dropping interiors.  I saw a few insane photos on Desire to Inspire and had to go to RR+P's site to see more.  Their other stuff looks to be pretty slick, shiny, and modern, (nothing wrong with that) but this one made me lose my sh*t! (Sorry Mom - it's Trucker Tuesday.)
See Mom?  Totally worth cussing in public, right?