Porcelain Skulls

Dear Kate, When I look at these AWESOME skulls made of porcelain and gold by Beetle and Flor, I think a) I wish I were cool enough to have these in my house and b) Kate should have these in her house, she is that cool.  How does that make you feel?  Love Lisa
PS You also need to own this necklace.
PPS I miss your guts.
And, to make them even cooler, 25% of each sale goes to their community projects.  And if you are in Vancouver, like Kate, you can get their stuff in person at Nouvelle Nouvelle on Abbot Street, which looks like an amazing shop.
Spotted on Elle Oh!

Smell Like a Monster

I trust everyone has seen the Old Spice Commercial?  (And as an aside - did you know he used to be a science teacher??)  In case you haven't - you should.  Then look at your man.  Then back at this guy. 

Then look at Grover... then back at me.

I. Love. Seasme Street.

Toronto Fashion Week

This post doesn't really have to do with admiring things, it's more to do with showing off sharing my excitement that I got to go to Fashion Week on Wednesday night with my friend Corey... we were there for the Sears Attitude show (surprisingly awesome... Sears?  Cool fashion?  Weird.), the Rachel Mara show (beautiful) and the Joe Fresh show (very cool - I love me some navy blue sequinned leggings).  We toured backstage as they got ready, walked the runway, and sat in the front row.  Oh, it's all right guys, I'll never forget you little people... 

Excuse the bad iPhone photos - why oh why did I not think to bring my camera???  At least it wasn't a Blackberry...
Yeah, that's right, I'm creepy and taking your picture because you are backstage at Fashion Week with a fluffy dog...
Even the models' names are beautiful...
Um, yeah, I don't know who they are...but everyone was madly taking their photo...anyone?
 Joe Mimram backstage before the show.  We sat with Steven and Chris, and Ben Mulroney.  I KNOW!!! Seriously.   :)  

 For your viewing pleasure I also took some crappy and completely amateur video.  I really must learn where the microphone on this thing is...

I love this whimsical DIY chandelier from Aunt Peaches and featured on Design*Sponge.  It looks great the way it is styled in these photos and could easily go in any room in the house.  However, as soon as I saw it I wished I had seen it about a year and a half ago when I was designing Cam's room.  It would not only look nice over the change table or in the corner in place of the rice paper lantern lights, but the shapes and shadows would be so attractive to a little babe - don't you think?  Provided you can find enough straws of different colours (dollar store?  party store?) it would be an easy weekend project.  I will add it to the 'when I have a free weekend' list... :)

Aunt Peaches is Queen of the creative DIY by the way, her site is full of ideas I would love to have time to try!
 Colourful necklace made with barrettes...
 Fun and original fall wreath
 Gorgeous coffee filter dahlias
And fabulous art made from paint chips!  (I always knew I was keeping them for something!!)  Let me know if you try any!

Shannon's house

I saw a tour of Shannon's house on Simply Grove and emailed her right away to see if I could do another.  I was drawn by the fact that we have similar taste, but even more so, to the fact that Shannon lives in Toronto. Because most Toronto houses have a similar layout, it is even easier to see inspiration and possibilities in what she has done.  Plus, her blog is fun and she has AMAZING Craig's list posts that will have you reaching for your wallet.  I should know - it was on her blog I first saw the light now hanging in our sunroom! (Thanks Shannon!)
 Check out that amazing marble floor...and I love the rounded door.
 The mother of all kitchens.  Seriously.  Those windows?  That light?  That OVEN?? Heavens...
 This West Elm duvet cover is taunting me.  I have resisted so far (how many duvet covers can one person reasonably own?) but we all know my will power is crazy weak...
 Love the photo wall, much more uniform than mine...
 Hmmm... it seems her wainscotting in the foyer is painted WHITE...interesting...
So so pretty - thanks for sharing Shannon!  

The Small Things

My amazing friend Krista introduced me to this incredible blog, Enjoying the Small Things.  What an inspiring perspective this Kelle (the blogger) has, I especially love her post about 'filler' vs 'fuel' days, as Krista knew I would.  I actually have a similar theory about people in your life - there are those that give you energy, and those that drain your energy, and you need to try to be around the former more than the latter in order to be happy.  (Krista, by the way, is one of the first people, in my life, who come to mind as the former.)

However, before you dive in to that post, you have to start by reading Kelle Hampton's daughter birth story, and be forewarned, you will cry.  If you are a sap like me, you will cry A LOT.  It could be sappy, but it is so HONEST and raw that you can't help but be moved, especially if you are a parent.  The accompanying photos are breathtaking.  Wow.

The Red Bed

Somehow my Baby Will turned 3 yesterday - not quite sure how that happened, you know, since he is my little BABY and all, but it seems I have no say in this matter.  Coincidentally, I finally finished painting his new bed last weekend and while he was out for a walk with his Baba, I put together a whole new room for him for his birthday.  "Wow," he said, "It's all niced-up!!"  Thanks Dude.
It took me two weekends (thankfully they were nice and sunny) and 5 coats to paint this puppy...red is NOT an easy colour!  It still looks uneven if you look closely, but Will doesn't seem to mind.  And I love the red bed.  It was my brother's growing up and I think has been in the family for generations before that.  It is obviously hand-turned as all the spindles are different sizes and thicknesses.  So I am thrilled to have it in Will's room, although I got a bit teary taking apart his crib/bed, remembering being all fat and preggo putting it together.  Al least I could console myself in designing a new room.

Wooly accessories

 As the weather cools, and especially on a rainy day like today, my thoughts turn to all the gorgeous knitting projects I am going to tackle this winter.  Perhaps I should start with the beautiful necklace above?  I love the colour and the texture - a nice transition into the heavy knits of fall.  All the pieces are here made by Anna Alicia in London of fair-trade organic cotton. I love the combination if chunky and intricate in each one.