Porcelain Skulls

Dear Kate, When I look at these AWESOME skulls made of porcelain and gold by Beetle and Flor, I think a) I wish I were cool enough to have these in my house and b) Kate should have these in her house, she is that cool.  How does that make you feel?  Love Lisa
PS You also need to own this necklace.
PPS I miss your guts.
And, to make them even cooler, 25% of each sale goes to their community projects.  And if you are in Vancouver, like Kate, you can get their stuff in person at Nouvelle Nouvelle on Abbot Street, which looks like an amazing shop.
Spotted on Elle Oh!


  1. Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for making me feel loved with skulls. Nouvelle Nouvelle IS an amazing shop.


    PS I miss your face

  2. Lisa, if it means anything...I think you're cool enough. I mean, you do have flawless taste (coming from an unbiased shared opinion of course). Smile.


  3. Um, I love, love, love these and I love that you told your friend you "miss her guts" even more! You're awesome. xo

  4. love love love!!! I so need one of these! I just made my way over from the Canadian Design Bloggers site and I have to say I really like your blog - we have lots in common! I look forward to meeting you on Saturday!! xo


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