Hey Sugar!

And here I thought giving William a box of raisins was actually responsible parenting... On treehugger today they posted about this website sugarstacks.com that shows graphically how much sugar is in the things we eat and drink - much more effective than reading nutritional information. I have attached a few examples, but there are many more at their site.


  1. SO it's one and a half boxes of raisins for that starbucks mochachino with whip and chocolate sauce..... I think I just decided what I'll be getting on my way to work. :) and thank you for validating my diet of eating what I want rather than what society deems as the more healthy treat;)
    How is everything in TO with you and yours??
    Erin (donahue_erin@hotmail.com)

  2. I think this is pretty misleading. When you're eating a piece of fruit (or a box of raisins), it's not the same as eating refined sugar. The website does make mention that they do not differentiate between what kind of sugar and how it's metabolized, but the photos are very misleading. There, that's all for my soapbox for today!

  3. Nicely put Kendra! I know I feel better now - not sure Erin will! (Hi Erin!)


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