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OPELLE Ballet Bag - New LARGE Size in Black Pebbled Leather - Ready to Ship
I love this gorgeous bag. I love even more that I found it on Etsy and it is made by hand, and I love the most that it is made in Toronto Canada. And for a handmade, totally chic, high-quality leather bag, it is a steal of a deal.  Visit Opelle Creative's shop to grab one. 
OPELLE Baby Ballet Bag - Black glossy Lambskin w tassel and twist strap - Ready to Ship
OPELLE Fold-Over Clutch Bag - Deep Black Lambskin w Gilt Chain - Made to Order
OPELLE - Wristlet Pouchette - Iced Blush Lambskin Leather
OPELLE - Pouchette Key Purse - Black Washed Lambskin Leather
OPELLE Botanist Bag - Spring 2011 in Glossy Calfskin Leather - Ready to ship
OPELLE Lotus Bag - Italian Cowhide in Clay - Made to Order

Royal Wedding Fever

Have you caught it yet?  Royal Wedding Fever I mean... It seems that when you mention the wedding on Friday you either get "I KNOW!!!" or "PFFFT!" accompanied by a dramatic and derisive roll of the eyes.  I think I fall closer to the former camp, although I will not be up at 3 am, because there are VERY few things in life that will get me up at that ungodly hour, and I know there will be recaps and repeats galore.  But I remember Chuck and Di's wedding so clearly and love the idea of being able to see what was historically reserved for the extremely rich and privileged, so I feel like I have to watch.  Plus, I love the British obsession with memorabilia - from coronations to visits, and from births to weddings, there is a coin, a plate, and a tea towel for everything.  Here are a few that I have taken note of recently (although many of them are now sold out!):  

1 |  2 |  3 |  4 |  5 |  6 |  7 |  8 |  9 |  10

Emma's new room

Oh dear... Toronto blogger Emma just revealed her new bedroom on Marion House Book and I am in love...and of course thinking of how I can redo our room.  I mean, it's spring, isn't it?  Refreshing, renewing, redecorating - it all goes with the territory.  Just look at this lovely, soft, organic space and then try to tell me it doesn't inspire you!  Head on over to Emma's blog for all the beautiful details of how she put this room together - she does such a great job of sharing the whole process.

And doesn't she just take the most beautiful photos?  So light and airy...

Happy Easter!

I hope you and yours had a lovely Easter weekend!

Spanish House Tour

What a lovely day today!  So sunny and warm - FINALLY!  I am glad Spring got over whatever grudge it was holding against us... I stumbled across this house today on Design Elements and decided that every day there must feel like today, it is so cheerful and light.  I love the mix of white, wood, and bright colour, although for myself I might not go quite so bright or pop art on some of the art!  But I'll be bookmarking this one for the next rainy day...(apparently I won't have to wait to long for that!)
This rug is the right amount of colour to me - and I love that you can add more colour on top of it or let it shine on its own...
Beautiful wooden rafters and clean-lined railing, skylight, lovely light floors and white furniture make those colours sing.
Ahhh those shutters...
I really must start collecting yellow flowers!  Too bad I am allergic to goldenrod...
design: Joaquín Díaz, photos: mi casa revista

Find me some Fimo!

When I hear "fimo" (or polymer clay) I picture the above, which could be found in abundance at places I used to frequent in university that smelled of incense and also carried carved wooden buddhas, painted sun and moon everything, hemp bracelets, and those mexican baja sweaters.  Ah the memories...  Suffice it to say it is not something I ever thought I would be heading out to Michael's to get.  Until I ran across these projects on Dismount Creative's blog.
Not bad, right?  Or, if you feel like Michael's is a dangerous place to bring a credit card, you can always hop on over to A Merry Mishap's Etsy store (Etsy = so much more dangerous BTW) and get something similar for a whopping $9.99.  The black studs may be calling my name...

To dry for

I saw this photo on Lori's blog, and immediately felt an affinitely for the artwork, which turns out is a tea towel.  I went in search of this fabulous towel, and found many many more at To Dry For:

 I love the Mr. Tea Towel.... heh heh...  and the gin and tonic one is awesome.

Bloggers Give Back Auction Ends Soon!

I have been having a terrible week and sadly have not had much of a chance to blog.  However, I would be remiss if I didn't let you all know about the charity auction that is ending THIS SATURDAY in support of the George Herman House project we have been working on.  There is so much good stuff there, including an amazing night at the symphony (biased), your choice of Sharon Montrose's animals in print (I want this so don't bid too high...), sexy Delta faucets, and so much more.  This link will take you right to eBay - get out your wallet!  AUCTION!

Also, Lindsay announced last week that none other than Frankie Flowers (Frank Ferragine) will be designing the garden!  How's that for star power??  I will be doing a give-away of his new book, and it is my first give-away ever, so please be aware that most of my self-esteem will be tied up in how many comments I get.  :)


We spent a lovely time at the Royal Ontario Museum today, exploring dinosaurs and bat caves and seeing an exhibition of one of my favourite photographers - Edward Burtynsky.  I highly recommend a visit.