Find me some Fimo!

When I hear "fimo" (or polymer clay) I picture the above, which could be found in abundance at places I used to frequent in university that smelled of incense and also carried carved wooden buddhas, painted sun and moon everything, hemp bracelets, and those mexican baja sweaters.  Ah the memories...  Suffice it to say it is not something I ever thought I would be heading out to Michael's to get.  Until I ran across these projects on Dismount Creative's blog.
Not bad, right?  Or, if you feel like Michael's is a dangerous place to bring a credit card, you can always hop on over to A Merry Mishap's Etsy store (Etsy = so much more dangerous BTW) and get something similar for a whopping $9.99.  The black studs may be calling my name...

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