Brooklyn Limestone DIY

I am so impressed with this lovely DIY window treatment from the oh-so-creative Mrs. Limestone.  I do love painting drop cloth projects, having done a few myself, and this one is simple and really effective.  It would be great for a bathroom, or a hallway window, and you could create any design you choose (although her letter is so perfect!).
PS. Besides being obviously gifted in the decor and crafty departments, she is also an amazing photographer, and was in the group I did that Photo Challenge with.  Check our her Flickr page here, or purchase a print here.


  1. Oh that is gorgeous Lisa. I love old letters and air mail motifs. Great find.

  2. siggghhh...everything about that last image is perfection! love it.

  3. This window treatment really is such a brilliant idea. I love how it just adds that little bit of extra whimsy to the room.

  4. That is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing that, it's going in my crafts-file for inspiration!

    Meera xx


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