Georg Bohle Piano Table

As some of you know, I played piano for 17 years and ended up with a degree in music.  Sadly my last year at university sort of soured me on it a bit, and when I moved to Toronto the year I graduated, I simply didn't have the money or especially the room for a piano.  So it has now been (*gasp!*) 14 years since I have played.  Holy moly.  Now that Will is almost 4, which is when I started, I am trying to figure out how to fit one in my house.  I think we will end up with a keyboard (or a ukulele), but if I win the lottery we will get this one instead - the Piano Table by George Bohle.  It serves as an oak dining table until one section is opened to reveal an electric keyboard.  It is so beautifully done, I can't get over it.  "WANT" doesn't even cover it...


  1. that is one beautiful piano!
    i have a keyboard for my little one! oh, and also a ukelele:P but planning on graduating him to a guitar:)

  2. That truly is amazingly gorgeous,!!! And I don't nor have I ever played.


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