Modern Craze

One blog that is going to make it on my next list of Great Canadian Design Blogs is Style North, penned by Christopher Jones.  He does the most wonderful house tours, somehow they are unlike any other I found online.  They have the same mid-century content as many others, but his feel so much more "real" - they're a peek into someone's well-appointed house, without all the styling or meticulous artistic photography (I mean that as a good thing).  His most recent was the home of Larysa Fenyn, and it was great.  I mean, does this collection of Canadian pottery not belong in my house? (not to mention that rich gorgeous armoire)?
Photo by Clare Summerville via Style North
Larysa clearly has an excellent eye for mid-century vintage pieces, and luckily for us, an online store called Modern Craze where she shares the treasures she has found.  Which is where I found the bowl pictured at the top - and to quote the linguistically-gifted Rachel Zoe: I DIE.
So beautiful.  Too bad Christmas isn't coming up and all.... HINT (and also DIRECT LINK).

Here are some other gems from her store:
If you are in the market for vintage 50's accessories or Canadian craft ceramics and pottery, Modern Craze would be an excellent place to start!

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