This. Is. Brilliant.  Or maybe I am just a big ol' music geek who loves beer.  (Or maybe both?)  But seriously, have you ever noticed that after consuming a certain amount of beer, you start to feel 'in tune'* with your music-making skills? (That, and speak French fluently...) I can only imagine the jam sessions that would result after a few of these 6-packs.  Each bottle shows notes on a scale with a corresponding mark up the side - simply drink the beer down to that level and blow across the top to sound the note.  Should you be a little too... thristy, the empty bottle can be played as a washboard with the cap thanks to the bumps on the side, and the box can be turned upside down and played as a tuned percussion instrument.  Musical genius ensues.
Sadly, they are no longer in production, which is too bad because I also love Pale Ale.  But if you wanted to help with production and distribution, I am sure they would love to hear from you.  (Found here.)
*That's for you David.

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  1. Oh my word!!! That is PURE genius. Okay. IF you ever get a hold of a six pack (or two) I will come to whatever state you are in (Ha!) and we will party down. Drink down. And get down. That is a where do you live? Ha!


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