Phillip Toledano

I came across the most wonderful photo essay from Phillip Toledano, a photographer-turned-father (again I can't remember where).  His comments echo the thoughts of just about every new parent, who watches this strange alien become the very core of their existence, and the photos are great in that they are not your run-of-the-mill baby shots.  I have to admit to both laughing and getting a little teary-eyed as I read...


  1. These are great. I especially love the last photo with the bubble. How on earth did he get that photo - so perfect with one single bubble suspended at just the right place? And how on earth does he have a toddler AND so much floor space that is not strewn with toys, books, and all the 'stuff' that children spread around?

  2. Thanks for leaving that lovely comment on my blog. I've just lurked around yours and it is a new favourite. I'll definitely be back!


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