Norweigian Bedrooms

Somehow through the serpantine world of the internet I made my way to  Norske Interior blog, where they have a contest on for their favourite blogger bedrooms.  You can go to the site and vote, although I couldn't quite figure it out as my Norweigian needs some work...  But pretty pretty bedrooms!  Funny (to me) that I always think of darker, cozier rooms as being perfect for winter, but Scandanavian style is so bright and white and summery...and their winters are worse than ours!  Anyway, here are a few of the finalists in the contest:
What do you think, is winter decorating all about wrapping warm cozy colours around you or reflecting what little light there is with bright fresh rooms?  Can you do both?  Maybe it is about textures, like that snuggly blanket in the last shot...


  1. For me, it's more about texture - fluffy quilts, cosy blankets and throws and something warm underfoot. I don't mind the use of white for winter decor but I think I personally prefer a 'warmer colour' for flooring as in the last image. All the light colours create such a lovely fresh feel though which I love. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I agree, it's all about the texture. I really like the use of white, especially since it gets so overcast during winter so the white really helps, but with adds interest and coziness and makes staying in not as bad. Also, the accessories with texture, you can also add color so it doesn't make it dull and boring!

  3. My favourite has to be the room with the K!
    As long as it is big, fluffy, cozy and keeps me warm, it's perfect for winter. I do tend to associate the white and light colours with summer, though.


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