Lori Andrews


Lori Andrews, aka the 10 Cent Designer, is a true renaissance woman. She takes incredible photos, designs gorgeous rooms, has a blog about food (with beautiful photos), and hikes and camps in the most beautiful places. She lives in Calgary so she gets extra point for being Canadian, and she takes full advantage of living in a beautiful place.

I could post a million things of hers, but my favourites are her self-portraits. They are so unique, so narrative, so evocative, they really inspire me! I could post all of them, they are so wonderful. Here are some of my favourites, but I urge you to visit her Flickr page. Her titles are almost as good as the photos (the one below for example is titled Her Thoughts Went). Thanks Lori, for letting me share!

her thoughts went
take apart my window
summer starts now
sprinter - noun- an unusually warm week in the middle of a Canadian winter.  traditionally a time to take the bicycles out of storage.
This Woman turns forty one today
that's the extent of it
the purpose of wings
me watching Matt watching Jördis in the field with the lone tree and a storm to the North
whatever happens next
when are you coming home


  1. Oh wow, these are amazing!! And I think I might want to try this type of self portrait...maybe if my face isn't showing, I'll be happier with one!

  2. that first image is to die for! Love it. xo


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