picture perfect

Last summer when Cameron was born, we had the AMAZING Tara McMullen over to take some photos of our newly-expanded family.  She took so many incredible shots that we will treasure always, and I have made calendars, photos books, etc until the cows come home.
Gosh, it is hard now to believe he was ever that tiny...  anyway, the above photos are some of my favourites of the more 'abstract' ones she took, and when my friend Dan mentioned that he had some extra canvas at his print shop, I knew I wanted to blow one of them up.  After much humming and hawing (as I am wont to do) I picked this one:
This is still Will's beloved "Abbie" (which for some reason is how he used to say elephant) and the shot just says childhood to me.  So Dan The Man printed it up at about 3 feet by 2 feet - nice and big!  When I got the big roll, I wasn't sure how I would mount it, aside from building a frame and stapling it in.  But while at Ikea, I looked at the largest size of the Ribba frame and had an idea.  I took out the plexiglass and matting and wrapped the canvas around the press wood back.  It wasn't pretty folks, there was a lot of duct tape involved.  Then I squished the backing back into the frame to pull it more taut. I am pretty pleased with the result, my gorgeous image with a thin white frame around it.  We finally hung it up yesterday!
These photos were not particularly well styled - or lit for that matter - but you get the gist, right?  You can also see the gorgeous round mirror I got from the same girl that sold me the brass light fixture.  When Chris went to pick it up he mentioned that it was a good thing I hadn't come or I would want to buy everything in her place.  Smart girl then emailed me a list of stuff she was selling - and Chris was right, I wanted it all!  But I settled for just the mirror.  :)

So thanks Dan for the gorgeous print, and thank Tara for the incredible photo shoot!  Seriously, go see Tara's website immediately, especially if you live in Toronto!!


  1. Oh I love it. You framed the image perfect! It adds so much color and drama to the room. Love love love! xo

  2. I love all the shots, but the one you chose was just perfect for the spot you had in mind. Gorgeous. Dan is the man, for sure.

  3. Very sweet! That picture is one gorgeous shot!


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