War on trends

I am gonna guess that you guys are less addicted to design-blog-land than I (my addiction is unhealthy so I am hoping you lead a more balanced life) but maybe you are in the same rehab-worthy boat.  Either way you may have seen several "trends-we-hate" posts out there.  I always read them and partly agree, partly disagree.  I think in the blog age great rooms spark trends faster than you can say DIY, and then the resulting photos are circulated so quickly, and so often, that we get tired of them much faster than we would normally.  And, like fashion, some trends just plain don't work with your space(/ass), while other trends are perfect for you, and will be when they are no longer trendy.  So a trend and its application is often a matter of personal choice and style.

That all being said, I just came across this Trend-Hate post on My Favourite and My Best, and had to laugh my head off.  The trends are all there - chalkboard paint, DIY, chevrons, greek keys, hipster moustaches at weddings - but her take on them is so vehement it had to make me laugh.  I don't know if I love her or am afraid of her.  I don't think I have seen the f-word so many times on one blog.  Awesome.
She has another subsequent post which is also worth reading, as are many of the comments.  So, what is your take on design trend hate?  And/or liberal swearing in blog posts?  :)


  1. Oh love it. Great, now I have a new design blog to follow. *sigh* It's getting as full as my photo blog folder in my reader. I think I may need to go to rehab.

  2. Great post! I have to sheepishly admit though... I do not think I will ever tire of chalkboard paint =P As for most of the others, I have to agree that they are reaching the point of overdone.

  3. I hope that I don't fall into the 'too trendy' category...home stuff is super expensive to switch up...but its hard not to be influenced by all the amazing images we see online!

    Sometimes i like something, but I am afraid to by it because I think its a trend that wont last...and thats a little silly, because if I like it, I should just enjoy it!

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  4. As my old (but much loved) laptop was loading your blog, I saw the chalkboard painted wall and began to worry that you were thinking of doing this in your new kitchen. I started to get all riled up and ready to comment, but then read the accompanying post. Being a teacher, I will never paint anything in my house with chalkboard paint. That being said, there is something very satisfying to be the first person to write on a freshly cleaned blackboard, but all the mess afterward isn't worth it (and don't even talk to me about how much chalk dries out your skin).

    As for being addicted to blogs - nope. Yours is pretty much my only addiction!


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