Poster Art

I have noticed on my bazillion blogs many rooms feature amazing concert posters, and I always wonder where on earth they found them.  Well somehow I stumbled on the site poster cabaret (sorry I honestly forget where I saw it!) where they have a whole lot of beautiful concert poster art, as well as many other prints.  The Swell Season one above is my favourite, but there are lots of amazing choices.
I really like this Monsters of Folk one too.  And just in case you thought they were all Indy Rock bands, this one is for Chris in honour of our Metallica experience a few weeks ago!


I just came across this site called ittikid, which is all kids stuff from Sweden and Denmark.  It is so bright and fun!  Not that you can't find cute stuff around here, but sometimes with all the funky skull stuff and cute "mini grown-up" stuff I long for fresh, primary-coloured KID stuff!  Well, this certainly fits the bill, but still is aesthetically modern.
Love orange and blue together.
LOVE those elephants!!
They also have a few cool things for grown-ups too, including:
Tea towels (a new obsession of mine, thanks to the blogs...)
Cozy-looking socks - a little personality to go with jeans and t shirts!
Pillows, wall decals, mobiles and more!  Thanks to Oh Happy Day! for the link.

Tree Hooks


I love these tree hooks and shelf supports.  They would have to be in the right kind of house to avoid looking cheesy though.  I suppose you could make them too, if you were patient enough!  However, they are already made right here, so....




Photos from Live Wire Farm.

Bookshelf for punctuation nerds.



From here.

Avoid the flu this season.

Wash your hands, is I guess the message here???  Science World in BC gets to have the agency Rethink do their spots.  Apparently they are only licensed to run late at night.


Check out the vanilla ice cream one too, if you can handle it!  

Maybe we should get them to do stuff for the TSO??  ;p

I love lunch!

I am a firm believer that there is a song for everything and that all of life is really a musical.  And, as Chris will tell you, I am not above making a scene, just for the hell of it.  So I was very happy to find this on beachbungalow8, especially starring Ann Currie (I have always loved her).  Besides, I also love lunch.  Karen, Yara, maybe we could try this one day in the TD food court?

Fall colours

Monday was the most beautiful day for the fall colours here.  The trees were just at their peak, and everywhere the ground was carpeted with oranges, yellows and reds.  Mom and I took Cam out for a walk and I brought my camera to snap some shots - and just couldn't stop!  There were so many beautiful colours and textures.... Here is a sampling of the many photos I took.

Non-ugly floor mat

What a great idea!  I have been thinking of turning our sun room into more of a play/craft area for the boys - although I might wait until Cameron gets a bit older.  And I had thought perhaps I would get those foam pads for the floor, safe and easier to tidy.  But the primary colours are so, well, garish, I didn't necessarily want it to look like a day care!

So how great to find these foam rugs that look like wood floor?  They provide all the plusses of the foam floor, without the visual agony, or even an outrageous price tag!

Sold at One Step Ahead Baby, they are on their site for $39.95 (I assume USD).  I wonder if they ship to Canada?

Love this!

Awesome! This is today's Google logo treatment for the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street (CRAZY!).  How fun would it be to be the person that designs these fun Google logos?