The Kitchen plans

So I did up some basic plans in Google SketchUp for the kitchen.  You will see I am hardly proficient in this programme, but it helped me get a general idea what different adjustments to the layout would look like in 3-D.  So the above is a photo of the kitchen as we left it, and below is the same wall from a different perspective.
We made the tough decision to close up the back door and move it into the dining room.  We didn't want to be without the light or access, but there was really no other way to get more counter space and cabinets! Our kitchen had an unbelievable 4 doors, 1 window and a huge radiator - a real puzzle!
We managed to move the fridge around beside the counter, which makes a lot more sense, and leave more space when you walk in from the front.  We also made the wall from the dining room into a peninsula, letting the light go through the space and leaving lots of room for lower cabinets.
The SketchUp images really don't have the same perspective, but it is cool to be able to toggle around all angles of the space.
Man, I really can't WAIT to have a dishwasher!  And storage!  And workspace!  How terrible it must be to move into a house with all of these incredible features and to take them for granted... ;p


  1. We played around heaps with Ikea's program to get ideas for our new kitchen too - can't wait to see yours as it transforms!

  2. Very cool, Lisa! Have you decided on appliance brands yet? We're in the market for new ones ourself!

  3. I've never seen this program..way cool.
    and I LOVE the wood in your hall (?)...

  4. 3D drawings make it seem a little more real. I can't believe you're going to come home and you'll have a brand new kitchen! Can't wait to come over for coffee/beer.
    Did you get my e-mail? Are you guys in Canmore this weekend? We'll be there.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys! I essentially taught myself this programme because the Ikea programme doesn't work on a Mac (then had to recreate it at the store anyway!). Google SketchUp is incredible but has a super steep learning curve (lots of swearing). Jen we got all our appliances at Lowe's after much research and pricing - I am happy to share info!

  6. Oh and Gretchen, the wood in the hall is gumwood - very common in older houses in Toronto. It is a tropical wood not unlike teak. In our last place we stripped down all the trim and mouldings (including a plate rail and french doors) on the main floor - in a heat wave no less!) It looked nice but I would never do it again. In fact, I want to paint this front hall white... (ducks for cover).

  7. what a great house you have! i love all of the details....

    ...and thanks for introducing me to that great program...i had never seen that before:)

    have a great day!



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