Mood Indigo

I just got the latest digital issue of Style at Home and this spread on how to incorporate the latest tie-dye trend into your home got me all excited.  It is full of great ideas on using dye, from creating this amazing artwork using dye and watercolour paper to batiking or dipping fabrics.  It works beautifully with this gorgeous turquoise blue and indigo, and is such a summery treatment.  There are so many ideas you could use here!  Hello - tie die, a spray bottle, and a chinese lantern?  So awesome.


  1. Oh I LOVE this! I didn't know you could get a digital issue how exciting!

  2. This reminds me of tie dying adventures when we were kids. I don't think that any of my t-shirt efforts ever turned out as I had planned. Do you think that now I'm older and wiser, I'd be successful?!

  3. I know Miss B, it got me all excited to see it in my email. At first I was sort of skeptical about how it would compare to the real thing, but you just can't beat it for blogging! I am thinking about getting Living Etc. digitally too (although I would have to pay for that one). And Kendra, I think we should add this to our ridiculously long list of group projects!


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