Poster Art

I have noticed on my bazillion blogs many rooms feature amazing concert posters, and I always wonder where on earth they found them.  Well somehow I stumbled on the site poster cabaret (sorry I honestly forget where I saw it!) where they have a whole lot of beautiful concert poster art, as well as many other prints.  The Swell Season one above is my favourite, but there are lots of amazing choices.
I really like this Monsters of Folk one too.  And just in case you thought they were all Indy Rock bands, this one is for Chris in honour of our Metallica experience a few weeks ago!


  1. Funny - most of these have a "Massey Hall" flavor.

    BTW, you would have LOVED the Swell Season concert. He's amazing ...

  2. Oh - that was me, Colleen :)

  3. Nice selections. I love concert poster art too. Here's another good concert poster site You can search by venue, city, band etc. And you can find other posters by the same designer. There are a bunch by the designer who did The Swell Season poster, but this comment field isn't letting me paste the link.

  4. Ooooh VERY cool Alex - thanks! I shoulda known you have have the hookup... :)

  5. Great selection, thanks for the post on poster cabaret.


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