Tempting Under Wraps Robes on Etsy

When it comes to robes, I seem to be a fickle fan.  Certainly in University, when showering meant padding down the hall with your basket of supplies in hand, robes were essential.  Since then, however, I don't find much use for them. There just aren't too many opportunities to lounge around in a robe at our house (yoga pants are another matter...).

My mother, on the other hand, uses them a lot, especially when she goes down south during the winter.  They make perfect sense in that warn humid climate, as pjs tend to be light and mornings lazy.  Get up, throw on a pretty robe, and enjoy a restful morning.  (umm.... why do I not visit them down south more often???)

These pretty robes by Etsy seller Under Wraps Robes out of San Francisco have me re-thinking my morning routine.   Who needs to hit the park first thing?  Or wait - I've got it - weekends!  Hubster can pack the kids off for fresh air shenanigans while I lounge about with a latte and my blogs on the iPad.  Oh gosh that sounds lovely.  Now to pick the perfect robe!  Any recommendations?  I think I like the top one...
Now PJ bottoms - these are my weakness.  Combine it with a camisole for sleeping and throw on the robe in the morning?  Perfect!
They would be great bridesmaid gifts too, especially if you have a girl's spa day planned.  Or Mother's Day?  I dare you to peruse Kate's shop and not try to come up with reasons to get one!  At $85 they are more than reasonable.  Which would you choose and for what occasion?


  1. These are great, I really love the pyjama pants!  And you are right, they would make great gifts.

  2. I totally agree but last year I went ahead and bought this fantastic robe from Anthro and let me tell you, I am sooo in love with it. I wear it from the bathroom to my room or just lounging in the morning hours, sipping my tea (i usually have to wear yoga pants underneath in the winter months). it makes me feel like i am living out of a catalog for some reason...

  3. Ha Dana, I love that you feel like you're living out of a catalogue!  That's the perfect way to put it. :)

  4. I looove the pyjama pants too.  Perfect for summer.


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