Wicked New Blog: Pen & Ink

I love the idea of tattoos - not the butterfly on the ankle kind, but the meaningful artwork on your body forever kind.  Being a commitment-phobe, I am pretty certain that a tattoo is not a good idea for me, but I obsess over which one I should get just the same.  (Don't worry Mom, I am also afraid of pain... and needles... and "forever"... you're good.)

It's the story behind them that makes all the difference - even the ubiquitous chinese characters can be beautiful with the right story.  Did you guys watch Miami Ink?  I was addicted.  Oh and you may have noticed that I love sketches, and handwritten typography, and fascinating, funny people.  And I ADORE Wendy MacNaughton.  So I am pretty sure my next blog obsession is going to be Pen & Ink, written and illustrated by Wendy and Isaac Fitzgerald.  Thank you, thank you DesignWorkLife for bringing it to my attention!  Take a look at the awesomeness:
AMAZING.  I want more, I could look these forever.  And Kate, I think you should submit.


  1. wow this is fantastic! i'm itching for some ink too!

  2. So cool, my husband has a tattoo on his upper arm of a cross and it says PART II on the top of the cross and HOLD MY OWN underneath the cross. He was burned in a work accident when he was 21(mainly his upper legs) and got the tattoo right after the accident. Basically stands for him getting a second chance at life and he will conquer everything that is thrown at him. 

    Danica - http://www.countrychicrenovator.com

  3. Wow, now that is a great tattoo and story - he should submit to the site!!  Thanks Danica.

  4. Dude, thanks so much for showcasing this blog! I'm definitely going to check it out. Being a tattoo fan myself (four to date, with no plans to stop), I love the stories behind the ink, regardless of whether they're flighty or meaningful and any point in between. Love this.


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