Dreamiest dream house in Majorca

I think I just move right in to this lovely home on Majorca - those tile floors look very inviting in this sticky heat we are having.  I could just lay down and flatten myself out like a dog... wow, the things you write when you have no air-conditioning...
Again we have my favourite colour scheme of white, cream and wood.  I could look at places like this all day. The couple who live here already had a sleek modern place on the beach, and wanted another get-away further inland.  They found this place, which had stood abandoned for a while and completely transformed it into this snug and cozy home.  I have no problem with people who own multiple homes when they have amazing taste like this!! :)
Oh my goodness I want to jump into that pool so badly......!!!!  Maybe I'll go fill up our new kiddie pool out back and close my eyes while I wedge my butt in between the plastic sides... I'm nothing if not resourceful.

Found via Planete Deco.  Images from Nuevo Estilo.


  1. Oh my gosh, this place is amazing. I love the ceiling!

  2. Holy wow. I want to move there right now!

  3. This house is smashing! LOVE the ceiling....do you know where I can find a tutorial to do a ceiling like that?

  4. I don't, but it could make a room look amazing, as long as the ceilings were high enough!

  5. Isn't it??  And I love how bright it is...


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