Another Amazing Craig's List Score

My love for Craig's List has been well-documented on this blog - I find it fascinating what people will sell, how they will describe it, and how much they ask for it.  Plus it's like a 24/7 garage sale - with some killer scores to be snatched up!  I cannot take credit for this find, however.  A fellow craig's list addict Claire posted about this piece on her wonderful blog, Take This Sofa, where she does a round-up of Craig's List finds every day.  Just think of the karma points she is earning...
I have long been trying to figure out what to do with this nook by the window.  Since my latest living room furniture configuration, it has been a great place to stick all the plastic toys and train tracks that seem to collect in my house.  But even in carefully sorted clear plastic boxes, the clutter was getting to me.  So I dreamed of something that would fill the long, skinny space, provide lots of storage for toys, and of course give me another surface to table-scape.
Sadly, I am no good at table-scaping, but I love it none-the-less.  And this piece of solid, Thomasville-quality furniture was just what the doctor ordered - it fits like a dream (sliding juuust under the window sill) holds tons of junk, and was $150 smackers!!  I may paint it one day (I am having a light grey obsession at the moment) but definitely not any time soon.  For now I will just light more candles for the gods of Craig's List - and Claire. :)


  1. Dharma@WannabeMermaidJune 13, 2012 at 6:59 AM

    That hardware! Divine intervention find, fo sho!

  2. Nice find on craiglist! Did you have to mission far to pick this piece up? I think you should definitely paint it, the color right now is not my favorite but it has a lot of potential and changing the hardware will totally give a new look to it. :) Keep us posted!

  3. I agree on painting it! Nice details and I think that paint would give it an extra boost of style.

  4. Great find - it's perfect for that space. I just checked out Claire's blog - thanks for the intro. I have been searching for something specific on Craigslist/kijiji but never have any luck.


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