Fantastic Frank sells houses like nobody else.

OK, maybe somebody else out there sells houses this way.  If so, please contact me, because you are undoubtedly awesome. Fantastic Frank is a real estate agency out of Stockholm that styles and photographs its listings in completely unorthodox ways.  Seriously, I have never seen a bathroom countertop covered in fake teeth on mls.

For this particular flat, they decided to have a rock concert in the living room.  And we're not talking fake/hire-some-people-to-look-like-they're-rocking-out staging (which would in itself be pretty damn cool).  We're talking Peter Bjorn and John, going to town, complete with smoke machine.
I love the graveyard of Coke cans on the kitchen table.  Has a boring, run-of-the-mill apartment ever seemed so AWESOME?  It is sold, BTW.

Photos via Ideas To Steal cause I couldn't find them again on the Fantastic Frank site...


  1. This is totally brilliant. So happy I stumbled across this (and your blog!)


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