I love you more than...

During craft-time at our house (pretty much a daily occurrence) I usually dive in and do my own stuff too.  Sometimes I get so into it that I may have been known to tersely spit out "In a minute..." while one of the kids empties the rinsing water onto the floor, or his brother's hair.  Ahem.

Yesterday we got out the construction paper, pencil crayons, stickers, scissors, and stamps and made cards.  I made this one for my husband.  I figured it was appropriate since the internet is pretty much my constant companion and his biggest competition for my time.  And I really do love him more.  Honest.

He was underwhelmed.   (I'm not sure he believed me.)


  1. hahaha this is cute! :) Can i order one for me to give to B as well!? ;)

  2. Sounds like fun - love this card!


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