Not Quite There Yet...

After much advice and inspiration from Shannon at 8foot6, here is what I managed to throw around in the 30 minutes before I had to go get Will from school.  I did move the big sideboard to the dining room and I think I like it - it is tight to open with the table there, but it does fill the room nicely.  I also just pushed back the chairs into the little nook - not sure if I like that or not.  I would love a built-in window seat there... I was thinking maybe a low bench where the poofs are might work to tie the seating areas together more?  The couch wouldn't fit on that side because of the white cabinet and the door swinging in to the room, I tried.
I ended up with this sort of double dining room, with the old sideboard and the kids table.  I am not going to keep that there, but am not sure where to put the kids stuff - one option is in the nook at the front window.  Mum also suggested she might loan us a piece of furniture they have that has a table below and a tall glass cabinet above that might be some nice height rather than having this one long line of surface with the two sideboards.  I did also have the small sideboard backing unto the couch at one point, I suppose I could do that again...
Funny - for someone who hates change as much as I do, I sure do love moving furniture around a room.  It's like a puzzle!  I still have that long wall - maybe the grouping of 6 over the middle space?  Or keep it over the sideboard?  The paintings there are hung wherever there was already a hook.

Feedback?  Shannon?  Blake?  Mum?  And does everyone love my vinyl table cloth?  Classy AND practical...oh yeah.  HA.


  1. I like the table that way!
    The sideboard does look too wide :(

    I just don't know...I feel like you have ALOT of cabinets in there...but I don't know how to get it to work!

    I would take all the cupboards out and position your sofa, coffee table, two chairs, and kitchen table...and then bring the cabinets back in....I know, I am asking you to get rid of your storage ...but not forever!...i just think it is easier to build the room back up once its clear and you love your most important elements.

    Take down the art, and take out the plants too...then, rebuild the room from scratch (with the couch in the window - well, not IN the the coffee table first, and leave 18 inches...don't worry about the space behind the couch - its not really there to be filled - its there so the room isn't cramped!!)

    and PLEASE put your chairs at right angles to each other or my head will fall off!

  2. Oh wow, I love the decor. I especially like the brown cabinet in the dining room and love the addition of the little kid's table.

  3. Thank you Caroline! I have to admit, I am very attached to my stuff, which is why finding a spot for it is a little more difficult! And the kids really love that table... :)

  4. You are right I DO have too many cabinets, but it is so hard to let one go! I think as I mentioned above that it is more of a puzzle when you want to keep everything in and try to find a place for it. I have often dreamed of starting from scratch (with a nice new couch) and building up from there, which is pretty much what you suggest, and I know its the only way to make the room look 'right'. That is kind of what my Aunt Daphne does whenever she moves and consequently her place always looks straight out of a magazine. Hmmmm, maybe it is time to start thinking of craigslist - I already did have to sell my gorgeous Chinese elm butterfly cabinet because it was just too big for this narrow space (at least I know it went to a good home). :) Back to the drawing board! And for you Shannon, I will fix the chairs. ;p

  5. Would you consider this table? Something long and narrow?

    I LOVE YOUR TABLE...its just very wide...don't sell it though...its a gem!!!

    I don't think you need to let go of things...I need to come to your house and walk you have any cabinets in your foyer?

    The couch is a good have the right pieces...but you need to see it with fresh eyes...which is sooo hard to do when you have everything in a comfy place.

    I love your stuff!

  6. Besides, its easy to say, start over with new stuff...harder to make your stuff work for you...i sent a couple emails...I think the only thing that I am kicking out is the table, and the white cabinet ;)

  7. OH OH could get a long bench to go beside the table...against the wall, where the hutch is...and snug the table up closer to the wall...the boys would love a bench!

    something like this, or whatever...

    and hang a gallery of six prints above it...


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