Hazel & Hunter

Bess at The English Muffin Blog turned me on to Montreal-based Hazel & Hunter, who make these gorgeous bags, scarves, pillows, and clutches.   Julie Deault, the woman behind the line, is a textile artist who designs and creates each piece herself. Although she discovered her love of textiles at an early age, Julie also ventured off to study jewelry-making in the mountains of Mexico and upholstery design with local artisans before launching hazel & hunter.  You know, like everyone else.  ;p   Each collection is inspired by sustainability, the use of organic materials and the handmade process. Julie uses only high-quality natural and organic fibres, all sourced locally. Each design is carefully printed or dyed by hand, a slow process that contributes to all kinds of beautiful irregularities and makes each piece one-of-a-kind.  I love the colours and textures she used in her new fall line "Out of the Woods", especially when combined with the rough leather tassels.  (I also love her ring.)

Good thing I am on a shopping ban.....Admire, not Acquire, Lisa......

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  1. I LOVE these, thanks so much for sharing.....hope you are well!


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