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It is no secret that I love mobiles - in fact most people I am sure realize that I had 2 kids just to start a mobile collection.  I actually have more mobiles than I have space to hang mobiles.  My favourite is the one I "made" in Cam's room above (I didn't really make it - my friend Karen did all the work of origami and I just clipped them to the pre-made mobile I got at Urban Outfitters).  Some day I will document my full collection - until then I will continue to expand it.  One of my favourite sources is The Paper Place on Queen West, and I see that they not only now stock the photo clip mobile I used above above (and all the paper that the cranes were made of) but also some beautiful mobile kits.
Ahhh, just look at this beautiful 'As The Crow Flies' kit from Canadian design duo Contexture Design. It is made from salvaged maps and recycled card stock.  Here are a few more images from the Contexture site, including some other mobiles they make:
The Paper Place also carries these ready-to-assemble kits from Petit Collage (who also have a great line of bamboo mobiles you should check out).
Birds in Flight kit from Junzo Terada is another bird option, with stylized birds flying around a sun/moon centre.
The book Mobile Art by Ayako Akazawa and Michelle Clair is full of modern shapes and animals that you can cut out and string together however you wish.
I definitely think I might be stopping by The Paper Place in the near future, although I could just head over to their beautiful and super-stocked online store to add to my collection!  Anyone else have a ridiculous collection?

(Photos from The Paper Place Blog, Contexture Design, and Wicked & Weird).


  1. For my wedding, my husband and I folded close to 500 paper cranes using paper from the Paper Place, and stuff I'd brought back from Tokyo. LOVE the place. We ended up threading the cranes onto fishing line and hanging them from a bamboo arch...

  2. wow! lovely!
    you can never have too many mobiles...

  3. Oh wow - that is BEAUTIFUL Alyson! Where did you get married? Looks like some place tropical!

  4. Somehow I knew you might understand a tendency to collect things Shannon... ;p

  5. Thank you! It took a whole lot of time to put together, but I was really happy with the way it turned out. It's a plantation house on Maui! My husband and I met in Japan (he's English, I'm Canadian), so, since half our guest list was going to be crossing an ocean, we figured: why not?

  6. KitchenCounterChroniclesSeptember 26, 2011 at 12:58 PM

    I love the Paper Place's mobile collection...wish I could have one of each!!


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