Can you see the difference?

Nope, I certainly didn't clean up! Instead I ignored the mess, as you can see, and hung up another artwork.  I have been trying to maintain a 'less is more' approach to decorating around here, and as a result we have a stash of amazing artworks with no home.  This one was a wedding gift from our talented friend Lee Petrie, and I really wanted to find a spot for it.  Plus this corner seemed kind of anaemic anyway, so I figured it would be perfect.  The fact that they have similar frames didn't hurt either.
The difference in the mat colour sort of bugs me, but I am not going to stress about it.  Just happy to be able to check off one of those little things on my mental list.  The top art is a needlepoint of a Nordic Fjord that my dad picked up at an auction and could do with an archival cleaning, but since I don't work at the art gallery anymore, I lost my connection. :)  You can see the mat doesn't quite fit it either, but as of yet I haven't invested in Linsday's magic matting cutter.  But never say never...
Now that I see these photos... that lamp shade really needs to be a different colour...


  1. I like the throw, or sweater on the chair...I like the chairs...i like the candlesticks...i like the zizi (i think its a zizi plant in the window?

    I noticed the art right away! Looks good there.


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