Designer Wannabe

 My friend Selina has great faith in me - why I am not sure, but I sure appreciate it!  She sent me this and a few other photos of her bedroom and asked if I could give her any guidance on how to redecorate around that new photo she bought hanging over her bed.  I immediately got a little giddy - finally a (semi-) legitimate excuse to spend more time online and on Olioboard!  Maybe even out shopping in the real world too?  Colour me HOOKED.  So on I went and it didn't take me long to come up with this:
Selina has a dog (gorgeous ridgeback named Sadie) so I kept the bedding dark to minimize paw prints. I am not actually sure where this one is from, but I noticed that Ikea had one that would work.  Other than that I just followed the warm beachy feeling of the photo with driftwood and other natural elements, weathered or antique-looking furniture, a tribal-looking rug for my world-travelling friend, and warm brass accents (cause I can't get enough brass these days!).  I love the soft palette of cream and light grey and was happy that the photo would allow for it.  So far she seems happy with it (I believe OMG was used a few times in her response...)  Hooray!

I was also pleased to get an email from Elaine Song of Style at Home magazine telling me about the top 3 trends for fall: 1) The New Neutrals  - including a lovely taupe-y grey like my wall colour (love the last one) - CHECK!

2) Knock on Wood - lots of warm, natural wood accents for rooms is apparently hot this fall (it is ever not?) - CHECK!
3) Modern Global - "a meeting place for natural materials, worldly finds and exotic textiles."  Well the rug might be it in this room, but we could always find a suzani or patterned throw, or even one of the pillows below, so hey - CHECK!

There you go Selina, turns out your new imaginary room is ON TREND.  How about that?  :)  So lay it on me readers, what do you think?  Should I quit my day job?  Oh wait... I kinda already did...


  1. This is fantastic post, Lisa! Thanks for including Style at Home :)

  2. great job, i love those wood accents. I need to redecorate, my place feels very blah these days!

  3. the dark lamp and brass is spot-on! nice job, I think you've eclipsed the title of "wannabe" :)

  4. Aw SHUCKS Dharma, y'all just made my day!!! :)

    (I am Southern Girl today for some reason...too much True Blood.)


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