Missoni for Target

Firstly, I am not a huge fan of Missoni.  I know I am in the minority on that, but I just find their colours kind of muddy, and pink, tan, and brown have never been a colour combination I would choose.  Plus all that pattern... do you really need all that business?  However, some of the pieces in their collaboration for target may have me reconsidering - especially as a one-off and especially in the black and white zig-zags.  Here are a few from the website that I thought were pretty cool:

Love the look of these, but they are still too busy for me!
Now these black and white pieces I could go for...
I actually kind of love this last one, especially for a kid's room.  Red and white are just so classic, and I like the sunburst patterm  and add in these pillows below... would be fun without being too overwhelming.  What do you think, anything you would be willing to storm the border for?


  1. I am not a huge fan of the target stuff...I'm not in love with chevrons, colour, or busy patterns for my house...I like things with texture and warmth

    the flats are pretty cute though!
    and that striped beach towel isn't bad either!

  2. I'm not a huge Missoni fan but if there was a Target near by, I'm sure I would have been in line like everyone else snapping up a few things. Almost everything is sold out and some of the items are already selling on ebay for 5x the price - crazy!

  3. that is so nuts. Amazing how easy it is to fall into that mob mentality! I happened to be at H&M for tights the day they opened the Comme des Garcons collaboration and suddenly I was elbowing my way through throngs snapping up shirts I had no idea I needed until everyone else did! (And no, I never wear them...)

  4. I too am not a fan (or an anti-fan for that matter) of missoni. but I will say a couple items did make my wallet jingle a bit. I really like that black & white shirt and that first throw blanket. I also wanted one of the infinity scarves. but couldn't get my hands on any of them and I am fine. but when there's a crazy hysteria over such things, I like to kind of be in the middle. so I did go on some searches of mine own for a friend who isn't currently in the states. so I got to experience the frenzy, but my wallet didn't. woo-hoo.

  5. I too am in ...the colors are all a little much together. Really like the black and white stuff though, the square plates and the chevron blue and white pillow. It's really not an option though...am in London , Ontario! A couple of years ago we were in a Target in Florida during the march break and found some Liberty stuff for my daughter...now that's a line that appealled more to me!

  6. I agree Kate, the liberty collaboration was way more up my alley!


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