Butterfly Bush

Last year at the end of the summer, we dug out most of the Rose of Sharon trees in our garden (they are nothing but a big weed if you ask me)*, and I replaced the one at the front of the yard with this deep purple Butterfly Bush.  I had seen them in a light lilac colour, but this darker colour was so beautiful I couldn't resist.  When we planted it, it was a tiny shrub, maybe 2 feet high and 2 feet wide.  It has almost tripled in size, and the more I dead-head it, the more it blooms.  And does it ever live up to its name!  There are almost always at least 2 or 3 butterflies on it whenever I look, and my favourite are the big Monarchs that swoop in like birds, and seem to dance around the flowers.  I can't help to take a million photos!
These are all taken with my zoom lens, but I could almost do it with my prime lens - they don't seem to be afraid of us at all (which is nice, as the kids get a good look at them).  I'm happy to have this to look forward to now at the end of the summer, it helps alleviate some of the gloom that always hits me in the fall.  Ah summer, why must you always pass so quickly?

*My amazing mother-in-law helped a huge amount, and it was no easy task - they are more like trees than shrubs.  The roots were enormous!  I think in all we pulled out 3 huge bushes, which left more than enough room for this bush, plus all our vegetables and some lavender.

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  1. these are so beautiful Lisa! My own butterfly busy is in suspended animation for 2 years now - perhaps it doesn't do well with its "xeriscape" (really non-watered) location.


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