Yay me!

HGTV.ca just had a giveaway on their blog for tickets to the fall home show and I own!  I am just going to go ahead and say that no one else must have entered - cause I NEVER win these things.  Today I got the tickets and some fun swag (that pen is anti-bacterial?). Having put together a lot of logo swag for the Symphony, I always get a kick out of seeing what other companies buy, and these are great. A girl can never have too many pocket measuring tapes!  Thanks HGTV!

Also to my partner-in-swag-crime Jessica - check out the notebook. :)  I can't wait to see the TSO's slick 90th anniversary version!   And maybe subscribers need a pocket interchangeable screw driver for 2011-2012?

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  1. sweeet!
    i should enter more contests! cause winning stuff is a the best pick me up! even just hearing about other people winning stuff is fun!


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