Royal Wedding Fever

Have you caught it yet?  Royal Wedding Fever I mean... It seems that when you mention the wedding on Friday you either get "I KNOW!!!" or "PFFFT!" accompanied by a dramatic and derisive roll of the eyes.  I think I fall closer to the former camp, although I will not be up at 3 am, because there are VERY few things in life that will get me up at that ungodly hour, and I know there will be recaps and repeats galore.  But I remember Chuck and Di's wedding so clearly and love the idea of being able to see what was historically reserved for the extremely rich and privileged, so I feel like I have to watch.  Plus, I love the British obsession with memorabilia - from coronations to visits, and from births to weddings, there is a coin, a plate, and a tea towel for everything.  Here are a few that I have taken note of recently (although many of them are now sold out!):  

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