Virtual Shopping at Zara

Ever have one of those days where you just feel like nothing is going your way, everything you touch falls apart, nobody likes you, you're fat and out-of-shape, you're pretty sure you are going to get fired, you never get to see your kids, and generally you want to go back to bed and try for a do-over (or maybe just stay there)?  No, I didn't think so.  Well when life gets me down like that, I do what any other responsible person would do - I go shopping (and then have a pint when I get home).  But since I really can't afford to shop (and I haven't the time because the husband is mountain biking after work and I have to go home to release the nanny - which let's be honest is the actual reason) I have to find solace in the internet.  Zara is the perfect choice beacuse they are hitting it out of the park this spring aaaaand they don't have online shopping so Mr. Credit Card doesn't get all cranky.

Ahhh... so much better (except for the nagging comments in the back of my mind about width of thighs and length of legs, etc...)

(I think I may have to add parenthesis to my long list of addictions...)

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