Morten Koldby's Animals

Danish photographer Morten Koldby has done the most amazing series of animal portraits.  An advertising photographer by trade, he makes appointments with zoo-keepers and other animal owners to get access for these incredible photographs.  They remind me of Sharon Montrose's work, but the traditional portrait framing, with the tighter cropping and head-on angle, is so arresting.  I like that they are so respectful of the animals, and the viewer interacts the subjects on equal footing.  The animals seem wise rather than cute, with a completely guileless look.  Maybe it's the mood I'm in tonight, but I find them very moving (although the baboon cracks me up, poor guy).

Spotted on designworklife.


  1. Wow, those are powerful photos. You're right about the baboon, he looks po'd!


  2. These photographs are beautiful and there's so much conveyed in the eyes. The elephant and the giraffe are my favorites though; they have a gentleness about them.

  3. GAH....these are INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for the introduction!


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