Interiors Wishlist Challenge

Pella on Stil Inspiration declared an irresistible challenge: to identify the top five items you would pick for your home given unlimited cash.  It was actually more difficult than you would imagine.  Aside from the wishbone chair and Lindsay Adelman fixture, which I have coveted for eons, there was nothing specific I have been longing for.  However, virtual shopping is the pinnacle of my skill set (with actual shopping coming a close second), so I prevailed.  And voila, my list:

  • Hans Wegner wishbone chair in light oak (link)
  • Lindsay Adelman brass and orb light (my name) (here)
  • Elte Cara sofa (here)
  • American Modern walnut dresser - I am loving walnut at the moment (here)
  • Sumptuous Hai Jalili vegetable-dyed rug - which I now covet (here)
Hmmm, can you tell I am feeling fall?  So what's on your list?  If you post about it, be sure to leave the link in the comments!


  1. ramblingrenovatorsOctober 23, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    Classic choices Lisa. Love that light. I would fail that challenge - it would be too hard to narrow down to the top five!

  2. Surprisingly, I already knew what my five would be:

    1. A distressed Provençal dining table from Grange.

    2. A William Birch–style sofa, complete with casters and linen and velvet slipcovers for summer and winter (that's just one item, right?). Like this one:

    3. A dome chair upholstered in a luxurious fabric. Shaping:

    4. A metal canopy bed. Like this one:

    5. A settee. Like Anthropologie's Louisa

    Not sure I'd have room for all these seating options, though.

  3. Considering my house is pretty much empty and I need new everything I would probably fail at this challenge!

  4. WOW I love that you left a list Seema! That sofa is amazing, I may have to swap mine out for it. And that bed is fantastic!! Your house sure would have a lot of places to lounge about - i'd be fine with that! :)

  5. No worries Danica, you just have to do it ten times! :)

  6. It's true, once you get started it's hard to stop! I almost made more boards...

  7. Nice list, Lisa. I've always loved the wishbone chair and that couch looks a lot like mine! I've also always coveted a distressed-looking Chobi rug and am determined to own one one day. - J.

  8. Holy smokes! I have no idea!
    oh wait!
    Togo sofa. ligne roset.
    come to momma

  9. I love your couch - and I remember looking for a chobi with you! You will get one...I feel it in my bones. :)

  10. I never would have thought you were a togo girl! My cousins in NB have one in their house and it is soooooper comfy.

  11. Love all the pieces that you have going on there Lisa! Love the new look of the site :)


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