Cam's room gets a big boy update

bright cheerful baby room

Above is a photo of my son Cameron's room a couple of years ago when we was a wee babe (cue wistful music.) Somehow, it seems he turned THREE this summer, and while he has grown in both height and personality, his room has not changed.  Well, that's not true, it got WAY messier than this (as did he).

I had great plans for a whole new look for his room, but as I started plotting and gathering, my elder son got wind of it and insisted that HE wanted the new look.  I debated a bit, since I don't want Cam to feel that he is always getting hand-me-downs and nothing new (even though that is the absolute truth) but at this point, he really doesn't care what's in his room, and Will does.  Plus, I haven't touched Will's room in as many years, so I decided why not.

bright colorful toddler room

As a result, this weekend I moved many of Will's items into Cam's room, and took out all the baby stuff. Note to new parents: don't go too crazy buying all those cute baby items, because it won't be long until you are putting them in the Goodwill/Give-to-friends bag and shedding a tear over a) the insane adorableness of it and how quickly time passes, and b) the insane amount you spent on it.

I am happy to say that this new update cost all of $0.  I simply moved things I already had around, mostly from Will's room, but also drawing on a couple of other places in the house.  The dresser had moved in a while ago and actually has my husband's clothes in it (I have no idea where we are going to put things when the boys clothes are bigger...).  The gorgeous colourful art is from Will's room and was made by my friend Yara.  However, the little framed piece next to it is also by Yara and was made just for Cam (see the little box riding on the big box?  It's him and Will. :) ).  The Hunter and the Animals print was bought at an estate sale.

I couldn't bear to part with the simple elephant painting I did just yet, so it stayed.  We took the side off Cam's Ikea crib ages ago to give him a Big Boy Bed (he chose the floor instead for months) but his new bed is waiting in the garage to be painted - not sure what colour now!)

The curtains were Will's and the rug was in the basement.  The orange hen pillow from CB2 was from the last Canadian Design Bloggers meet-up!  Happily, Cam is an easy-going, happy little guy and was absolutely thrilled with his "new room."  I still feel kind of badly about Cam always getting the left-overs, but there is so much life left in all these things, and they all had some significance for us, so I won't dwell on it.

As for Will's room, the fun has only just begun.  I'll leave you this one photo showing what we did today as a teaser of what's to come!  Again, I was lucky enough to have most of these things or steal them from my folk's house in NB, save for the lighthouse I got at Value Village for 99¢.  :)
Hopefully this won't result in my eldest growing up feeling entitled, and my youngest feeling passed-over.  Right now Will is SUPER excited about doing this room with me, and Cam is perfectly content with his.  But... would you have done it this way?


  1. His room looks great!!!! My second son is the king of hand-me-downs...When i do buy Tyler (older one) something new, I try to get one for Trevor too...matchy matchy...but listen, we aren't getting Trevor a gift for his first bday, and we aren't throwing him a party (his cousin's bday is two days later, so I figure we will see everyone then) yah, second child gets less 'stuff', but just as much (if not more) snuggles! (he's my last baby!!!)

    I have this master plan of putting the boys in the same bedroom (the nursery) to sleep and making Tyler's room a toy room....probably when they are two and four. If i get bunk beds that separate, then later I can put the bunk beds stacked over in tyler's room and put my other son in the office and turn my nursery into the office....did you follow that?

    Basically, I have years 1-10 covered ... then we need a bigger house!!!

  2. Love the new update Lisa! And its fabulous that it cost $0. Did you have a "big reveal" for Cam? What was his reaction like? :)

  3. Aw thanks Franky! I did, and he jumped up and down like it was Christmas. Then jumped on the bed. Then dropped to the floor to drive cars (of course he had one in his hand...) :)

  4. Thanks for the positive reinforcement Shannon! We had the same idea for our guys, but now they are 3 and almost 5... and I fear we may have missed the perfect window. However, it still might happen, only I would turn Cam's room into an office! And you are so right about the snuggles, Cam gets carried waaaaay more than Will ever did at this age! I guess there are just built-in pros and cons for any birth order. :)


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