Real or Replica?

Arren Williams blogged today about a great new e-magazine out of Australia called Est.  In particular, he  pointed out their wonderful article called Real or Replica which compares the real Eames DAW chair to a replica.  I completely agree that the real thing is infinitely preferable to a knock-off, and that the latter is not only a poor shadow of the former, but usually a cheap insult to boot.  Arren urges design students to avoid knock-offs, saying even "great affordable design" from places like Ikea or West Elm is so much better than a cheap imitation.  On the whole I agree, but what about a quality knock-off instead of a cheap and boring chair when there is no way to attain the real thing?  What do you guys think?

The Est piece then has some gorgeous photos of the real Eames chairs styled in a variety of ways that are beautifully done:
The last one is my favourite - I love all the black accents that are so popular these days with the natural brown and red.  

So what do you think - do you go real or replica?

EST photos are by Toby Scott and Styled by Amey Rosenthal.


  1. Oh, I would be so happy if a real DSW were within my means, but it is NOT - and probably never will be unless a lottery gets won - and I love the shape and the attitude of it, so I will probably choose the knock-off come decision time.
    It is all very well, lamenting the Fakes, but the Reals cost a fortune here, and thrift finds just do not exist in the Netherlands....alas.

  2. YOU are not lamenting, of course (I hope you didn't think I was suggesting it!)- but it seems to be "interdit" to veer from the dear and the authentic. In the precarious economic balance that seems to prevail these days, may true admiration and appreciation win the day. Imitation or no.


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