Music I like: James Blake

'K, I am not sure how you guys are going to like this, but I am in an odd kind of mood this evening, and the soundtrack for my mind is played to perfection by James Blake.  You have probably heard his cover of Feist's Limit To Your Love, but his other stuff is just awesome too.  His voice is crazy good, but the best part of his sound to me is the spaces.  The music has these amazing, vaguely unsettling silences that keep you engaged.  His songs are like the perfect minimalist room, where the only things that are there are the things that need to be there, and they are made all the more beautiful by the space around them.  (Told you I was in a weird mood...)  And man oh man, if you only listen to one - make it his live accoustic Joni Mitchell cover A Case of You (one of my all-time favourite songs) at the bottom.


  1. You described his sound so beautifully. A friend of mind told me about him and after hearing a few songs off his site..I had to look more into his music. I couldn't really explain why I loved it but I did. Your explanation is exactly why I love it. He is perfect for those kinds of moods.


  2. Wow, thanks Hera.  I went to see him in concert last time he was in town and had goosebumps for days - he is so good.


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