The Reveal!! (sort of)

OK, so I kind of feel this is a bit anti-climactic... the kitchen really isn't fully finished, nor is any of the decor.  But the bones are there, and thanks to my dad's last visit, the backsplash is in!  We are using it regularly and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it so much.  I mean, the first one was kind of the pits, so the only way to go was up, but man, did we hit UP!  

I finally got to take some photos in the daylight this weekend*, although it was raining so they aren't that great.  And I didn't really look back at my 'before' shots to line them up.  And the place is a mess... and... and... well, i've run out of excuses, you might as well just look.  Just be kind.
 Don't mind the plywood leaning against the peninsula... we have yet to figure out what to do back here and didn't want kiddie fingers in the back of the stove. 
 See above re plywood and duct tape... funny how you stop noticing things until you see a photo of them!
So I will do a couple of more posts on the whole thing, and the various decisions we made along the way (if you are interested).  The big things were of course the wall and the back door, but everything turned into a big decision!  Anyway, I am wiped out tonight so this will all have to wait.

So.... what do you think?

*damn you daylight savings...and the day job... (although thanks day job for helping pay for the kitchen...)


  1. Wow, it's looking amazing!! I was very surprised to scroll down and see that wall gone - has really opened everything up. You have a lovely decorating style and I can't wait to see some photos of your kitchen when it's all completed.

  2. Hey Lady - don't you dare go cursing Daylight savings time - it puts my kids to bed earlier and my very well save my sanity and marriage! ha!

    Love, love, love the kitchen! It is SO amazing. What an incredible transformation. Can't wait to see more. PS - i am loving your house and the new light fixture in the "sunroom/reading room." xo

  3. I love the cabinets...and tearing out those walls was crazy! I think I see some marble and and shiny jewel-like back splash! Looking good!

  4. I'm having impure thoughts about your new stove. Is that weird for you? It's kind of weird for me.

    I heart your new kitchen.

  5. I think it's totally gorgeous. :-)

  6. I love how it opened up the house so much but where did the door go that used to be in the kitchen? I do love it!

  7. Wow - those are some big changes. Removing the walls was such a good idea!

  8. I love a good before & after! So smart of you to remove the walls and move things around. I like the mix in cabinetry.

    See you on Saturday!

  9. Awesome! It's so open and delicious now...and you're right - love the backsplash.


    P.S. So very well done my dear.

  10. Fabulous! And really, I think the duct tape/plywood adds a certain je ne sais quoi! I hope you post some more photos with close ups of the counters and backsplash.

  11. What did you use for the backsplash? Is it marble also? I just got marble counters, and love them and am trying to decide on a backsplash.


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