cool font, eh?

This awesome font, created by 10four design group in honour (with a 'u' - thank you very much) of Canada Day, is an amazing tribute to Canadian stereotypes and references.  What other font can teach you that a Canadian invented insulin, alkaline batteries, the goalie mask, the paint roller, and the jolly jumper?  It was only recently that an American colleague explained that he didn't know what a toque was... who knew?  The font has upper case, lower case and numbers too, and if that weren't great enough - it is FREE.  Geez, Bob and Doug would be some proud, eh?
 Seen on The English Muffin Blog.


  1. Love it! Got lots of Canadian Stereotypes over on my blog ;-) at least for another 2 days until MOvember is over.

  2. oh I'm so glad you left a comment on my little blog...I am now getting lost in yours...although I do believe I've been here before! I do wish we had met at the meet up.
    Love this font.

  3. I am seriously in love with this post! Awesome dear.


    P.S. Love the new header!

  4. Ha!! Love it, totally cracked me up!


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