The Ballet Project

I just LOVE these photos by Dane Shitagi.  He combines his love of dance, fashion, and the urban landscape in arresting ways.  Having never danced in his life, he was inexplicable drawn to ballet dancers, with their amazing strength, physicality and emotion.  His Ballet Project now has 82,000 followers on Facebook.  I love the fluid, soft but incredibly powerful dancers in such unexpected locations.  For a great interview with Dane (and where I got most of this information) there is a great article here.
 Thanks for Kate of For me, For You for the images.


  1. So whimsical. Love this.

    Have a gorgeous week dear Lisa.


  2. I have been DYING to do a shoot like this for years. I need to make some ballerina friends, me thinks......

  3. These are amazing. Could you imagine being that flexible? I think my body would break if I tried to do that!


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