I am a bit behind on my Google reader, so you may all already be all over this new online mag, but I just discovered Gifted this evening and I love it!  It is published by Ez, the creative genius behind Creature Comforts blog.  There are so many awesome ideas, free printables, and fabulous gift ideas for just about everybody.  But the DIY's are of course my fav, and I grabbed a few screen captures.  Not that I had to - seems Ez is also a marketing genius.  She recruited A-list bloggers to contribute, which of course means mentions and buy-ins from the most read blogs out there.  And I mean this in the most admiring way possible - the stuff from these gals is great, and makes the mag worth reading as well, and the idea is genius.  She also has several cute buttons you can put on your blog to help spread the love, and a whole bunch of blog-ready images on the Gifted flickr page - where you can of course also upload your own take on any of the ideas in the magazine!  I love all of this almost as much as the magazine itself!  Bravo Ez!

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  1. Thanks so much for this post! I hadn't heard of Gifted, but I love some of those ideas...and I'm starting to feel festive. Perfect timing! :)


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