White, Bright Nursery

When I first started thinking about designing a nursery, I poured through books, magazines, and especially the internet looking for inspiration.  Even though my nursery-planning days are behind me, I am still kind of addicted to looking at them.  It's funny how they start to kind of resemble each other after a while.  Not so with this lovely nursery by Toronto bloggers Aubrey and Lindsay!  The room seems so light and fresh without being precious, and I love pretty much everything in it.  The print, the little owl in the crib, the CRIB, the little bird, the white walls, the Sharon Montrose photos... ok, you get it.  Even better, go see their blog for the before and after of the room and prepare to be blown away!


  1. I want that giraffe. Not only that, I love the little birdy! SO cute!

  2. So pretty. Love this. Sending it to my girlfriend about to have a baby! xo


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