So many crafts, so little time

There really are so many incredible DIY craft ideas floating around one could spend 12 hours a day every day doing crafts and never run out of ideas.  Money, yes;  patience, probably.  However, here are two I came across recently that I may try to squeeze in somewhere between concert duty and diaper duty.  The first, pictured above, is Khali's simple glass etching, seen on the amazing Bloesem Kids.  So fun, so easy, so actually possible!
Next is Karina's fabric printing as seen on Poppytalk.  So much less messy and labour-intensive than it looks!  Definitely going in the hopper for a weekend afternoon project.  What do do with finished fabric is a bridge I will cross much, much later.


  1. I've just learned how to make skirts...

  2. yes please! I would like to try both! xo


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