Happy Birthday Karen!

My lovely friend Karen had a birthday this weekend.  She is my greatest source for all things astrological, and when I saw the astrology artwork on Design*Sponge I immediately thought of Karen.  But I decided to do a bit of a twist on it, and use up some supplies I already had at home.  The only thing I needed was an embroidery hoop, and all they had were baby blue and baby pink, so I got the blue one and some spray paint and sprayed it black.  Then I got some left-over fabric from the purse I made a while ago, and printed out a pisces constellation chart I found online.  With the fabric in the hoop, I punched a hole in each star, and then transferred the pattern using a black sharpie.
With the stars marked on the fabric, I then stitched an orange line from star to star to trace out the Pisces pattern (although I don't know where they got these astrological signs - I do not see two fish in this pattern!  Those ancient Greeks must have had a LOT of wine...)
Once the orange line was drawn I chose some coordinating colours to stitch in the stars.  I tried to stay true to the constellation chart in positioning the stars and in their sizes, cause I'm nerdy that way.
 I was pretty happy with the way it turned out!  I hope Karen likes it. :)

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  1. what a beautiful, heartfelt gift! i would love, Love, LOVE to receive something so thoughtful! xoxo


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