We took the kids to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) this morning and had a lovely time.  They were good as gold, and the new AGO is gorgeous.  All that Douglas Fir... those curving lines....glorious. The Canadian collection was superbly displayed - framed in off-white and arranged at eye-level, they were like jewels in an understated setting.  The David Blackwood exhibit was really wonderful.  The one kids table, with paper and broken pencil crayons, was not so great, however, and the gallery was a nightmare to navigate in a stroller.  But hopefully the new Family Centre will solve that.  And the little one is walking!  Still hard to get used to...
I love my boys.


  1. A walker - hooray! That last photo is too precious.

  2. I visited the AGO for the first time last July when I was in Toronto - it's a beautiful space! I haven't been brave enough to try and take my boys to an art gallery yet, so I'm super impressed!! You've inspired me to try.


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