George Herman House

As you all may have figured out by now, I love blogs.  I find them endlessly inspiring and interesting, from my mommy blogs, to my design blogs, to my marketing geek-out blogs.  To all my non-blog-following friends and family, who wonder what on earth could keep me on the computer for so many hours, I equate them to online magazines - lots of pretty pictures and articles to peruse.  But the great thing about blogs is that they are written (for the most part) by one person, and by following their posts, links, projects, and even tweets, you really feel like you get to know the author.

I have discovered in the last 6 months or so that there is an incredible community of like-minded blog-lovers in Toronto, who share amazing ideas and have loads of personality.  One of these writers, Lindsay of Little House Blog, mentioned that she was going to volunteer with the George Herman House to spruce up a sad and forlorn garden for their residents, and wanted to know if anyone else would be interested in helping out.  I looked up the George Herman House and found an amazing transitional house helping women with mental and emotional troubles learn to respect and care for themselves, and signed up to help in any way I could. When I think of the hours of enjoyment I get out of my garden, I can't help but imagine how a lovely and tranquil space would help these women out.

This, however, is not going to cut it:
So how are we going to help?  Well, I certainly intend to get my hand dirty, and I am sure more volunteers for that would be appreciated.  But there are also the supplies, the plants, the materials, the skilled labour, and of course the fundraising.  We are working on all of the above, and if there is any way that you feel like you could contribute, we would love to hear it!  You can leave a comment or any advice here, or head over to Bloggers Give Back to find out more details or make a tax-receiptable contribution.  To follow our plans on twitter, search the hashtag #bloggersgiveback.  I can't wait to share the after photos!

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